Social Workers Registration Board: Social Workers Registration Act (2003): Review Report October 2012

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The Social Workers Registration Board (the Board) was established by Government under the Social
Workers Registration Act 2003 (the Act). The key functions of the Board are to:
- create and maintain a framework for registration of social workers in New Zealand; and
- promote and encourage high standards of practice and professional conduct among
- registered social workers and the employers of social workers.

The Act provides a framework for the voluntary registration of social workers in New Zealand. Section
104 of the Act requires the Social Work Registration Board to:
- review the operation of Act and its own operations;
- consider the extent to which the Act, and the system of voluntary registration it provides for,
- are achieving the stated purposes; and
- consider whether any amendments to the Act are necessary or desirable.

This report outlines the Board’s assessment of the extent to which the voluntary registration system is achieving the purposes of the Act.

Based on the feedback gained as part of the review of the Act, the Social Work Registration Board is recommending to the Minister for Social Development that social work registration becomes mandatory. The Board will work with the Minister, Iwi and key social work organisations to ensure the transition from voluntary to mandatory registration is achieved as smoothly as possible.